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How to Remove Red Wine Stains from the Carpet?

How to Remove Red Wine Stains from the Carpet?

Oops! Here goes the glass of red wine on your carpet leaving behind a tough red stain. Luckily, if you know how to remove the red wine carpet stains, you’ll be able to save your carpet from turning red. To help you out, Induct Clean presents handy red wine carpet stain removal tips.

What causes the red wine to leave stain?

Red wine is made from red and purple/black grapes and the skin of the grapes cause the stain. Apart from this the tannins in the red wine also lead to wine’s ability to stain our favorite carpets.

Steps to Remove the Stains:


Method 1 – Cold Water Onto the Stain

Take a soft, clean white cloth and blot as much red wine as you can. The more you soak up, the easier it will be to remove the stain. Do not rub the stained area or you might spread the stain.
Now pour some cold water on the red wine stain( it will dilute the stain) and blot it again(use other clean sides of the cloth). Continue the process until you find no more red color on the cloth.
Mix baking soda in water (1:3) to prepare a baking soda paste. Apply this on red wine stain and let it dry. Vacuum the area.

Method 2 – Neutralizing Red Wine with White Wine

Most of the wine drinkers know that white wine neutralizes the red wine and so used extensively to remove red wine stain from the carpet. White wine has an enzyme that neutralizes white wine and thus makes it easier to remove the red wine stain.

Pour some white wine on the stain and blot as much as you can with a damp white cloth. Repeat the process till the entire red wine is blotted out and there is no stain. You can then clean the area with detergent. Blot the stained area. Blow dry the damp carpet using cool air.

Method 3 – Pour Salt Over the Stain

Salt is a great natural absorbent and comes handy during such emergencies. Salt stops the further absorption of the stain by the carpet thereby limiting the stain. Remove the excess of red wine from the carpet. Pour plenty of salt onto the stained area and let it settle. Get your stain removal product. Before starting the stain removal process, vacuum the salt. In case you do not have salt at home, pour baking soda instead.

White Vinegar and Detergent

This is another very handy tip to remove red wine stain from the carpet. Mix 1/3 cup of white vinegar with 2/3 cup of water. Pour this solution onto the stain and blot the area with clean white cloth. This will lighten the stain. Take the mild dish washing detergent and apply it on the stain. Sprinkle some water and blot using dry white cloth.

Get Professional Help

Red wine stain is still bothering you, get the professional carpet cleaning assistance. Induct Clean is equipped with the latest techniques and technologies to remove wine or any other kind of stain from all kinds of carpets. It is recommended not to wait for a longer period of time to remove the red wine stain from the carpet completely.

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