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How to Remove Coffee Stains from the Carpet?

You protect your carpet all the time and afraid of getting those stubborn stains which are hard and tricky to remove. Coffee spills are one of the worst types and annoying carpet stains which mostly happen at time when you have just sat down to relax.
Not removing the coffee stains from carpet will make it look clumsy, dirty and may cause its discoloration. Hence acting swiftly and smartly is imperative. But before acting on the stain, understand your carpet fiber like carpet with long fibers needs to be blotted completely and use of ammonia stain removal on woolen carpet may discolor the carpet forever. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instruction before removing any kind of stain from the carpet.

Here are the few suggestions to get rid of coffee stains.

Method 1 to Remove Coffee Stains from Carpet –

1. Take a dry white cloth or a blotting paper to blot up as much coffee as you can.
2. Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar, one tablespoon of liquid dish soap in two cups of warm water.
3. Apply the solution on coffee stain using soft white cloth.
4. Do not scrub or rub it and blot it up.
5. Repeat the process.
6. Finally sponge dry it with cold water.

Method 2 to Remove Coffee Stain from Carpet –

1. Blot up the stain with a dry white towel or with a blotting paper.
2. If the amount of spillage is more then change the white towel once it becomes saturated with coffee. Not changing it may result in more damage.
3. Take one cup of cool water and dilute the stain.
4. Make the cleaning solution by mixing ¼ cup lemon juice, 2 cups lukewarm water, 1 squirt dishwashing detergent.
5. Take a clean sponge to apply the solution on coffee stain.
6. Gently clean the area by moving the sponge in circular motion.
7. Rinse with cold water.
8. Blot up the excess of water.
9. Repeat the process until you get a clean carpet.

Method 3 to Remove Coffee and Cream Stain from Carpet

If you like cream in your coffee and accidentally dropped a cup of creamy coffee on your carpet then you might use an enzymatic carpet cleaner. This will break down the protein. You can also use a pet stain remover as this will work on the stain as well as stop unpleasant odor.

Call Induct Clean if the coffee stain on carpet is hard to remove. We are carpet cleaning specialist serving the New Jersey and the Pennsylvania/Tri-State Area with the highest quality cleaning equipment. We have served more than 18,000 clients in South Jersey and Philadelphia.
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