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How to Remove Candy Stains from the carpet? – Carpet Cleaning tips by Induct Clean

How to Remove Candy Stains from the carpet? – Carpet Cleaning tips by Induct Clean

Keeping your carpet stain free is a herculean task but knowing handy carpet cleaning tips can save a lot of time and mess. Candy is one of the most annoying and common stains if you have kids at home. Not removing it immediately may attract ants and insects on the candy chunks and lead to a permanent candy stains.

Here we present handy carpet cleaning tips to help you remove candy stains from the carpet.

Method 1

1. Remove the chunks of candy on the carpet.
• If the candy is hard, moisten it with cold water. Once soften, pull the candy chunks up from the carpet.
• Use rubbing alcohol to remove caramel candy stains. Take a pad or sponge soaked in alcohol and apply it on the candy stain.

2. Remove candy stains from the carpet
• Make a solution by mixing a quarter teaspoon of liquid hand detergent in a cup of warm water. Apply this mixture on the candy stain.

3. Take a bloating paper to blot the stain from the carpet. Your cleaning direction should be from the outside towards the inside. Doing this way will reduce the chances of staining other parts of the carpet.

4. Repeat the process.

5. Once the candy stain is removed, rinse the carpet using a clean damp wet cloth.

6. Take another dry cloth to blot the dampness.

Method 2

1. Apply cold water to loosen up the sugar for removing candy chunks. This may take few minutes.
2. Remove the small and large chunks very carefully.
3. Get a stain remover and follow all the instructions carefully to remove the candy stain.
4. Moisten a white cloth in white vinegar to blot the stain. This will reduce the stain.
5. Moisten another white cloth with clean water and blot the area to remove the remaining stain residuals.

Get the help of Professional Carpet Cleaners
If your carpet cleaning by professional cleaners is due, you should consider getting it done. Induct Clean team is highly trained in residential & industrial carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Not only candy and other kinds of stains, but we clean the carpet to give a new and fresh look by removing dust, pollutants, mold and mites.

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