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  • US Environment Protection Agency claims (2018 report): Americans on average spend 90% of time Indoors’ where the concentration of pollutants is 2-5 times higher than outside and the primary cause of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
  • National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) estimates that on an average every year air ducts in a six-room house collects 40 pounds of allergens, dust and dirt.

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Induct is a Licensed and Fully Insured Service Company covering the New Jersey and the Pennsylvania/Tri-State Area with the highest quality cleaning equipment and the most efficient restoration capabilities of any provider in the area.

What our customers are saying?


  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Had a 1pm appointment and the technicians showed up exactly at 1pm. They were very friendly and professional. They did a great job cleaning my ducts and actually checked my dryer vent as well which needed cleaning too. Charged me a very reasonable price to add that to the service. The air flow of my AC has actually increased, and the house smells better and feels cleaner. I was also impressed how much faster my clothes dry now. Thank you Induct! I will definitely use your services again. ”

    Marc L.
    Google Review

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