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The most common Carpet Cleaning Problems and Solutions

The most common Carpet Cleaning Problems and Solutions


Carpet cleaning is a state-of-the-art as every carpet is unique and so does its cleaning. Carpet needs to be analyzed for stains, soiling or ground-in-dirt or debris, high-traffic areas to recommend cleaning needs. But sometimes, use of improper cleaning techniques may damage the carpet. Here are the few most common carpet cleaning problems and their solutions.


Faster Re-soiling

You must have heard that carpet cleaning results in faster re-soiling. The problem results from excess residues left in the carpet because of improper rinsing that includes the use of wrong cleaners, use of soap in carpet cleaning or the higher concentration of cleaning agent. This leftover residue in the carpet attract dirt resulting the faster re-soiling.

Induct Clean uses highly recommended carpet cleaning process. We use hot water extraction process to extract residue. Using this technique, little or no residue is left behind to attract dirt.


Carpet Shrinkage

If you feel that your carpet has shrunk after carpet cleaning, the possible reason could be over wetting it while cleaning.

Our carpet cleaning professionals make sure not to do excess wetting and we remove as much moisture as possible by using an extractor vacuum.


Bubbles or Ripples in the carpet

Sometimes bubbles and ripples appear as the carpet dries and usually these go away once the carpet is fully dry. But if these do not leave then your carpet was in need of restretching prior to the cleaning.

Induct Clean team inspects your carpet very carefully before initiating the cleaning process. We evaluate every need, value our customers, and their satisfaction.


We are happy to work with you to clean your carpet or any other cleaning concern that needs immediate attention. We specialize in spot cleaning as well as the entire carpet cleaning. Induct Clean is the best carpet cleaning company in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Tri-State area. In addition to this, our hot water extraction technique of carpet cleaning makes us the most preferred company. We do not use any abrasive brush or method to clean the carpet as it would permanently ruin one of the most expensive investments at home.

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