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Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality During Winter

Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality During Winter


We kind of seal proof our homes during winter from cold, but this in turn stops the fresh air entering in. Increased insulation, presence of volatile organic compounds, dust and debris, smoke, and pet hair cause a raise in indoor air pollution. Thus, increasing the concentration of allergens, pores and pollutants inside the home. This can lead to sickness, running nose and other allergies.

Hence, you need to take some time out to improve the indoor air quality by following these easy hacks.

According to EPA there are three fundamental strategies to improve the indoor air quality. These are-
1. Source Control
2. Improvement in Ventilation
3. Air Cleaners and purifiers

Source control is the most effective and cost efficient way to improve the indoor air quality. This involves checking the stoves, heating and ventilation system.

Open the windows frequently when the weather is mild. This will bring in the fresh air as most of the heating systems are not designed to bring the fresh air into your home.

Make sure to check the heating system for any problem. A poorly maintained heating and ventilation system can lead to condensation on walls or windows, mold, and polluted air etc. Also check the suffocating odor while entering a room as this indicates a poor ventilation or mold growth.

Few more tips to improve indoor air quality

1. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
2. Replace furnace filters frequently.
3. Avoid smoking inside.
4. Test for radon.
5. Dust your home regularly.
6. Check your home for any mold growth especially in damp areas such as bathroom.
7. Always use exhaust fans in bathroom and kitchen for ventilation.
8. Use non-toxic cleaning products.
9. Place indoor plants that are known as nature’s air purifiers. These can absorb toxins from the air.
10. Call HVAC technicians for checking and cleaning of ventilation system.

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