Most of the times we search for easy tips and tricks to clean our carpet and find ways to remove carpet stains but generally overlook what not to do while cleaning the carpet. Like, we scrub the stains instead of blotting or scrapping it, use wrong cleaning agent, delay the cleaning and so on. But working cautiously and avoiding simple mistakes during carpet cleaning can save a lot of time, efforts and the carpet.


Here are few recommendations by Induct Clean on What not to do in Carpet Cleaning-


  1. Don’t wait. Act immediately.
  2. If you are working on a carpet stain from gum, candy, butter or the solid spill visible on the carpet, then scoop up solids quickly.
  3. Never scrub. Gently blot carpet using stain remover.
  4. Be careful while using stain remover. Apply right product on the carpet. Never pour it directly from the bottle instead take out the small quantity in another container and then use it on the stain.
  5. After using any kind of carpet cleaning agent, solvent or detergent do not forget to rinse the carpet. Leaving it uncleaned will attract dust and debris and will further damage the carpet.
  6. Do not use excessive water as it may damage carpet backing.
  7. Use only white clean cloth to absorb liquids.
  8. Be careful while air drying the carpet as it may result in noticeable rings. Always absorb the liquid with white cloth.
  9. Once the liquid is completely absorbed, do the vacuum or use hand brush to clean the carpet.
  10. Induct Clean, one of the leading industry leaders in cleaning services recommends having your carpet cleaned using the hot water extraction process. This is also known as “Steam Cleaning”. Though the rental units are available but it is advisable to hire a company. We have truck mounted system which is more powerful in extracting and letting carpet dry more quickly.


Incase you have further questions on how to clean your carpet or seeking information on carpet cleaning, call Induct Clean.

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