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How to Remove Candy Stains from the Carpet?

You must had a blast during holiday season and enjoyed it thoroughly? But occasionally it brings extra cleaning task especially if you have kids at home. Kids love candies and while eating & playing they drop candies on bedcover, carpet, etc. It is a big sticky problem. But do not look for bleach based detergent or scissors to get rid of the candy stain. Instead, be calm, and get ready to learn how to remove candy stains from the carpet.

1. Pick up all the solid chunks of the candy.
2. If it was a chocolate candy, rub some ice to make it hardened and then remove the candy chunks. You can also use ice on candy items like bubble gum, lollipops, chocolates etc.
3. Make a cleaning solution by mixing a quarter teaspoon of liquid hand detergent and one cup of warm water. Pour this in a plastic spray bottle. Shake well and now sprinkle some solution on the candy stained area.
4. Do not use bleach or bleach based detergents as it may discolor the carpet.
5. Take a paper napkins to blot the stain. Move from the outside towards the inside. Never rub the stain.
6. If the stain persists repeat the process again.
7. Rinse the area with white damp cloth.
8. Blot it again and let it air dry. Avoid stepping on it.

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