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Follow These Tips to Avoid Dryer Fires

 Follow These Tips to Avoid Dryer Fires

In this day and age, the washing machine and dryer are often placed on the second floor of the house, right next to the bedrooms and bathroom. Previously, these appliances were always put in the basement. With this change in home construction comes an increase in the importance of dryer maintenance. Because your family is closer to the dryer than in the past, the potential hazards of a dryer fire are even higher.

So what can you do to keep your family safe? It’s pretty simple – follow these tips to help prevent dryer fires:

  • When your dryer is running, be sure not to leave the house until it’s finished. Doing so will ensure you’re there to take action if a dryer fire occurs.
  • Avoid putting laundry or anything else on top of your dryer. Though it’s unlikely, items sitting on the dryer run the risk of catching on fire if they get too hot.
  • Never leave the dryer on overnight as you sleep. While this may be convenient, it’s very dangerous – a fire could start while your family is sleeping.
  • Empty the lint filter after each load of laundry. Built-up lint constricts airflow of your dryer vent and tends to be a highly flammable material.
  • Wash your lint filter every so often using a towel soaked in warm, soapy water. Doing so will remove the waxy build up that comes from using dryer sheets.
  • Inspect your dryer’s exhaust vents for blockages and lint accumulation. If you notice buildup, have a professional clear the vents. This will keep reduced air flow and high temperatures from occurring in your dryer, thus preventing fires.
  • Check the smoke alarms in your home every month to make sure they’re functioning properly.

For maximum protection against dryer fires, we here at Induct Clean recommend making use of our South Jersey & Philadelphia dryer cleaning service. Using our tried and tested high-pressure vent cleaning technique, we’ll pull the accumulated lint and debris out of your dryer’s vents and seams.

Want to Avoid Dryer Fires? Hire Induct Clean Today!

If you’re ready to have your dryer vents cleared by an expert, then it’s time to call Induct Clean. To get in touch with our dryer vent cleaning company in Philadelphia & South Jersey, call (609) 265-0775 or (215) 917-0220. And for more information on our services, be sure to check out our blog post: “Is Your Furnace Ready for Fall?” We look forward to being your favorite Philadelphia & South Jersey dryer cleaning company!

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