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Dryer Safety Tips from a Trusted South Jersey Dryer Vent Cleaner

South Jersey dryer vent cleaning

Whether you realize it or not, your dryer can be a huge safety hazard if you don’t take care of it correctly. Here at Induct Clean, we’ve seen the consequences of unkept dryers firsthand. In order to save you from dryer fires and other dangers, we highly recommend that you follow these dryer safety tips:

  • Check to make sure that your dryer is plugged in properly and that the machine is connected correctly.
  • Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Never overload your dryer.
  • If you have a gas dryer, get it inspected by a professional periodically. They should check that the gas line connection is hooked up properly and free of leaks.
  • Never use your dryer without a lint filter.
  • Always call a professional to service your dryer if something goes wrong with it.
  • Clean the lint from the lint filter after each load of laundry. In addition, remove any excess lint that has gathered around the dryer drum.
  • Only use rigid or flexible metal venting to ensure that your dryer has proper air flow and that your clothes get dried in a timely manner.
  • Always turn your dryer off when you go to sleep or leave the house.
  • Check that the air exhaust vent pipe is not blocked and that the outdoor vent flap is able to open correctly.
  • Have your dryer vent cleaned at least once a year, especially if you start to notice that your clothes are taking longer than usual to get dry.

By following these simple steps, you can prevent dryer fires from occurring. In addition, you’ll ensure that your dryer is working properly and not damaging your clothing.

Trust Induct Clean for Your Dryer Vent Cleaning Needs

When it comes time to have built-up lint removed from your dryer vent, hire Induct Clean to complete the job. As your South Jersey dryer vent cleaning company, we’ll use high pressure air to loosen the lint that has accumulated in your vent over time. Then, we’ll pull the lint out of the seams and the vent.

Over the years, we’ve found that this process is much more effective than the brush system, which is what many of our competitors use. While our high pressure air technique removes maximum amounts of lint, the brush system tends to compact it into the seams. Therefore, our method is far superior to those of other dryer vent cleaning companies in South Jersey.

If you’re interested in hiring Induct Clean to help you avoid dryer fires, give us a call today at (609) 265-0775 or (215) 917-0220. In addition, check out our past blog posts to read about our professional tile and grout cleaning and carpet cleaning services. We look forward to working as your dryer vent cleaning company in South Jersey!

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