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dryer hot but not dryingLaundry is one of those household tasks that must be done, but it’s hard to find time for. It can be very frustrating to discover that your clothes are still wet after a full cycle in the dryer. Dryer hot but not drying your clothes? It’s likely that the exhaust vent is clogged.

There’s always the chance that the dryer has a malfunctioning part, but you can follow these steps to determine if your dryer vent system is simply obstructed:

  1. Start your dryer on a timed cycle with high heat.
  2. Go to the outside exhaust vent and feel the air coming out.
  3. If the air is not warm and or out at a good flow, your vents need to be cleaned.

How dryer vents get clogged

During the washing process, fabric fibers get released and then settle back onto the clothes. As the clothes tumble around in the dryer, these fibers come loose again. Every dryer is equipped with a screened lint trap to catch the fibers. If the lint build-up isn’t cleaned off regularly, it collects in the lint trap housing and eventually gets pushed down into the dryer ventilation system.

The heated air that dries clothes in a dryer must be able to circulate and then discharge outside. If the ventilation system is obstructed by lint, then air and moisture cannot be released. This means the dryer is not energy efficient and your clothing will not dry properly. It can also lead to the dryer overheating which poses a fire risk.

Maintain your dryer with professional vent cleaning

Clearing off your dryer’s lint trap after every use can reduce lint build-up, but thorough cleaning of the vents is the best way to preserve your dryer. Dryer manufacturers recommend yearly cleaning done by a qualified professional.

Dryer vent inspection and cleaning with proper tools will ensure that airflow is maximized to reduce energy costs and decrease drying cycle times. You can trust that Induct Clean will conduct your dryer vent cleaning skillfully with our high-pressure air method that meets the highest quality standards.

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