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Keep Your Employees & Customers Healthy: Decontaminate Your Air Ducts!

If the air ducts in your home need cleaned and you’re doing nothing about it, it’s your right not to care about your residential indoor air quality. If the air ducts in your commercial building need cleaned, however, and you’re doing nothing about it, then you need to take into consideration the health of your customers and employees.

Whether you’re cooling your building in the summer or heating it in the winter, your air is traveling through thousands of square feet of ductwork that could be filled with countless contaminates such as pollen, dust, particulates, waste from rodents and insects, and numerous other things that could be lowering the air quality of your building.

Whatever’s being pumped out through the vents in your building is also being breathed in by your customers and employees. Here are some things to consider if you own or operate a commercial building with contaminated air ducts:

  • The health risks associated with breathing contaminated air. The average workday in the U.S. is eight hours long, which means your employees’ respiratory systems could be being put at risk each and every day. According to the American Lung Association, poor indoor air quality can result in “headaches, dry eyes, nasal congestion, nausea and fatigue.” Surely you don’t want your employees and customers to develop these systems from stepping into your building!
  • Approximately 40 million people in the United States have allergies. And just what are they allergic to? Most commonly, people are allergic to mold, pollen, dust and other types of particulates, all of which are often dwelling in uncleaned air ducts. Allergy-sufferers have enough to worry about with ragweed and pet dander, so give them a break when they step into your building.
  • Asthma is a chronic condition. Probably the last thing you need in your building is an unfortunate soul suffering from an asthma attack due to poor air quality.
  • Annual utility costs. High utility costs can really dig into your bottom line. Contaminated air ducts often become less efficient, taking more energy to run. Look for dirt around your air vents and for diminished air pressure. These are signs that your heating or cooling system is need of some serious cleaning.

What else is there to consider besides people and money? Well, for one thing, keeping a clean work environment with good air quality is simply the right thing to do. To get started on the path to clean air ducts and happier, healthier employees and customers, give Induct Clean a call at (609) 265-0775 to set up an appointment for a free quote. We guarantee both you and the people frequenting your business will be glad you did!

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