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How to Clean Window and Door Blinds?

Feeling distress because of your dirty blinds?

We know that over a period of time dust, lint, pet hair, kitchen exhaust etc get collected over the blinds just like other places. The stained and discolored blinds looks ugly and cleaning them looks a tough task. you tend to skip this task everytime.

One way to clean the super dirty blinds is to take them down, put the blinds in your bathtub and give them a thorough cleaning. Once done, wipe them, dry them and put them back. PHEW!
But if this is not you, you can still clean the window and door blinds installed on the windows and door.

Wipe The Blinds

Start with the wiping and vacuuming. This will remove the dust and loose particles from the surface of the blinds. For better cleaning dust them completely, again and again if required. Always brush up and down if your blinds are vertical and left to right if the blinds are horizontal.
To properly dust the blinds, use microfiber cloth and clean each slat. You can also old sport sock. Wear it in your hand and do the magical blind cleaning.
Do not use plastic duster as it may put scratch on the blinds. Also avoid feather dusters as these spread dust all around.
Vacuuming with brush extension is also a viable option in cleaning blinds.

Time To Wash the Blinds

Once you have removed all the dust from the blinds, it is the time to thoroughly clean the blinds by washing them. Make a solution of warm water and 3-4 drops of liquid dish soap in a bowl. If your blinds are greasy and have build up dust add a tablespoon of baking soda to the solution for cleaning. Take a microfiber cloth, dip it is a solution and wring it to remove the excess of solution. Now start working on slats one by one. Hold a cloth in your hand and pinch the slat firmly. Move the cloth along the slat. Be sure to rinse the cloth when its dirty and repeat the process.

Make Cleaning a Routine

Once your are done with blind cleaning make it a routine. Clean the vertical blinds from top to bottom and horizontal blinds from left to right.
Dusting regularly reduce the cleaning time and efforts.

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