Clean to Prepare for Christmas

Clean to Prepare for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and so do the festive season excitement and fervor. But wait! You need to clean your space well before putting up a Christmas tree and calling your family and friends for a dinner.

So here are some handy tips for a spic and span space to enjoy the holidays.

Give Your Carpet a Quick Hover

First and the foremost task of any cleaning is to clear the clutter. So, pick up all the scattered stuff and then vacuum your carpet. This will give a clean look by removing dust, fallen hair, dander, paper bits etc. If your carpet is stained, treat the stains or call the carpet cleaning company.

Clean the Counters

Take a multi-surface cleaner or the cleaning agent you use. Remove everything from the counters or tables. Take a soft white cloth, spray the cleaner all over the countertop and clean it with a cloth. Take a small toothbrush to clean along seams or edging. Thoroughly wipe everything before putting back on their assigned places.

Clean the Couch and Sofas

You can sit all day long on your comfy couch to relax and enjoy your favorite TV show. But have you ever noticed hair, popcorn kernels, dust and debris trapped inside the cracks. As a good thumb rule, always vacuum your sofa, couch and other such upholstery. Vacuum the entire sofa from outside, inside, upside and down by removing the cushions. Along with this, vacuum the carpet area beneath it.

Clean the Wood Paneling

Take a microfiber dusting cloth and wipe all the wood paneling to remove dust. Use vacuum by putting brush attachment to remove any loose dirt or dust at the edges. Make sure to clean crevices as these trap most of the dust.

Wipe all the Decorative Artifacts , Picture Frames and Glass

You love displaying these but your beautiful collection of memories, picture frames and other such artifacts are susceptible to damage over a period of time because of accumulated dust and lint. First of all remove these from the wall or shelf and place them on a flat surface. Take a small, soft brush to remove the dust. Spray a little amount of ammonia free cleaner on a cleaning cloth and gently wipe the glass. Do not let the cleaner go into the corners of the frame and never use ammonia based cleaner as this can damage the coated glass.

Clean all the Doors, Windows and Blinds

Give a good clean to all the windows, doors and blinds of the room. Blinds are the most neglected but the most visible thing in the living room. These are easily soiled with dust. Take a microfiber mini blind duster to remove all the buildup dust. First leave the blinds in the open position and clean with the duster by running it from top to bottom. Now close the blind so that its concave side is facing towards you. Again run the microfiber duster to remove the dust. Now turn the blinds to bring the convex side towards you. Clean it again. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the fallen dust.


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