Why does a Carpet Ripple or Buckle?

A loose carpet rises up from its surface and shows ripples or waves in it that is also known as buckling, wrinkling or stretching. This could happen because of several reasons and few of these are:-

Humidity – Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. When the air is humid, carpet absorbs moisture and swells up. In many cases carpet returns to normal once the moisture level goes down. But if the carpet has been rippled to a great extent, it is necessary to take action.

To avoid rippling from humidity, put dehumidifier during humid weather and use air-conditioner to prevent rippling.

Wet Carpet – Just like moisture in air, wetness in carpet can also result in buckling or rippling. Carpet may get wet because of improper steam cleaning or flooding. To reduce the chances of wetness and buckling, call a professional carpet cleaners for deep cleaning. Induct Clean is a well known name in carpet cleaning industry. You can call us for all your carpet cleaning needs.

Moving and Dragging Heavy Items – Sometimes you don’t pick the heavy furniture in your home while changing their position but you just drag these across the surface of your carpet. This results in ripples and wrinkles on the carpet.

Poor Installation of Carpet – A carpet may ripple, if it is not installed properly. A wall-to-wall-carpet must be properly installed and secured tightly along the edges. During installation, carpet is stretched with a power stretcher to reduce the chances of buckling.

Improper Underpad – Cushion under the carpet must be right, as wrong underpadding may result carpet to buckle. The pad must be dense to provide adequate support to the carpet.

Buckled carpet must be re-stretched. If left untreated the ripples may become a prominent and lead to a permanent fold or crease that is likely to remain there forever.  Call a professional installer to take care of buckling.

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