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Basic Home Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

All of us are prone to make cleaning mistakes and as a result we do not get the expected cleaning outcome. But learning from our mistakes is the best way to improve. Here are some simple cleaning mistakes to avoid as most of us make these knowginly or unknowingly.

Spraying Too Much Product on the Surface

While cleaning any surface especially glass, bathroom mirror we tend to spray extra cleaning product on the surface. This does nothing but increases the cleaning time and recleaning. So next time make sure to spray just the right amount of product on the surface.

Spraying Directly on Electronic Gadgets

While cleaning screens especially television screen, most of us spray the product directly on to the screen. This leaves marks and does not add to cleaning. Right way is to spray cleaning product on a microfiber cloth and then using it to clean the screen.

Not Reading Cleaning Instructions Carefully

Occasionally we may use wrong product for cleaning leading to a total damage. Hence, going forward you must read all the cleaning instructions very carefully.

Rushing While Cleaning

We tend to clean as quickly as possible but forget that rushing leads to incorrect cleaning. We generally miss out certain spots to clean every time like the corners. This creates more cleaning task for later. The best approach is to give your cleaning a time. If you are running short of time, create a task list and work accordingly.

Not Emptying the Vacuum on Time

Vacuuming with a vacuum full of dust and debris cause more dirt on the surface than giving you a spic and span area. Dirty vacuum left streaks and dust particles behind while cleaning. When the vacuum bag is full the air flow is clogged thus hindering the performance. Hence try to clean and empty the vacuum before use.

Not Cleaning the Mop and Sponge

Uncleaned and dirty sponge and mop are the breeding ground for bacteria. These left stinky smell and bacteria on everything which have been cleaned by these. Generally we are so tired by the end of cleaning that we tend to skip the task of washing and cleaning these. But you must clean the sponge and mop after every use. You can put sponge in boiling water or microwave it to kill bacteria.
Replace the sponge as soon as it changes its color.
We grow by learning. Share your one cleaning mistake that you keep in your mind now while cleaning your home.
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