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5 Bad Habits to Avoids for a Cleaner Home

Everyone has few bad habits when it comes to home cleaning. Do not worry as this is natural. But you must know these and avoid these bad habits for a cleaner home. Let’s explore more.

Junk in the Drawer 

Do you throw everything that comes in your hand in a draw? If yes, I can say that either of your kitchen drawer, bathroom drawer or end table drawer or all turn into a big mess over a period of time. You can find almost everything from pen, light bulbs, tape to stationary, wires etc in there. Though sounds tough but keep your lazyself back while putting everything in drawer and bring in more organizers to keep your drawers clean. Follow the habit of putting only those things that belong to the place.

Not Cleaning Under Bed

The feeling that cleaning under bed in not worth is wrong. This is against a clean home. You must check under bed frequently and vacuum it to keep the area clean.

Dumping Everything in Garage

Most of our cleaning time goes into home cleaning by neglecting garage. Develop the habit of cleaning the garage in a small cyclic manner. Clean at least five items of garage a day for a nice, clean and tidy garage. Brooming and moping the garage once in a week also keep it clean.

Heap of Mails

Mails coming in but not sorted and acted upon immediately result in huge piles of paper that is quiet annoying. To avoid this, you must sort your mails as soon as these come. Put the priority mails in a separate box. Tear up unwanted mails and put these into recycle bin.

Not Now, But Later

Believe me either it is now or never! If you need to do something now, do it, otherwise it is never done.
These are the basic bad habits to avoid for a cleaner home. Share what you think must be avoided to keep your home clean.
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